The streak is broken…

08 Jun

The streak being the sheer number of times that my husband has taken a tumble and NOT broken a bone is broken.  On May 4th while I left him alone for a few hours, he oh so wisely (sarcasm of course) decided to climb a ladder to look at some boxes in the rafters of the garage.  He fell, while standing on the 4th rung of the ladder he fell.  He landed on his hip and he broke it at the head of the femur.  The next day he had a total hip replacement surgery and started his very long and slow recovery.  That was 5 weeks ago today.  He moved from the hospital to a rehab center and has spent 4 weeks there doing PT and OT and getting better.  He comes home this Friday.

And once again life changes, no more leaving him home alone.


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Posted by on June 8, 2016 in Caregiving, Daily Living


One response to “The streak is broken…

  1. marilynn rask

    June 9, 2016 at 11:28 am

    I truly understand, I hope the best for you. My motto since my husband lost his ability to walk almost 10 years ago and now the lost of his arm, my patience is tested everyday. I know how hard it can be, sometimes I feel like my home is my prison. I say a prayer each morning for myself and move on. Wishing you the best and hoping you are ok.



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