Winter Sports Clinic

23 Apr

This was my husband’s 5th year attending the Winter Sports Clinic for Disabled Veterans and my 2nd year.  He loves it, held in Snowmass, CO each year it is truly an amazing event.  He gets to ski, curl, scuba in the pool, hang with other veterans and socialize.  It’s wonderful for him.  The first 3 times he went it was wonderful for me because I got to stay home alone.  But he can no longer travel without a caregiver so I have to go.  I know complaining about a trip to beautiful Colorado seems silly but it cost me about $2000 to go with him for 8 days and my body HATES high altitudes so I can’t breathe the whole time we are there.

Chip is my constant companion in CO, his love helps.


Pete enjoying the winter sports.

curling Pete

I hope once we get settled in Florida he can continue to participate in this clinic each year it’s sooo good for him.

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Posted by on April 23, 2016 in Caregiving, Daily Living


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