Just another day in paradise…

19 Jul

So today I wake up early, I have 3 hours to myself before I go to church at 11 and my husband is fast asleep.  Yet I wake up to nightmare number one – a sick dog has left me a present by the back door ON MY BRAND NEW CARPET (was installed Wednesday so yes THAT new).  UGH so first challenge of the morning to clean up dog poo off my new carpet.  UGH

I survive that, dogs are fed and outside in their run for the day.  Carpet has been steam cleaned and is looking no worse for the wear.  It is Sunday and I still have two hours before church at 11.  I get dressed and decide to do my nails, painting my toes and applying my new Jamberry wraps to my fingernails.  Looking good.  About 20 minutes to 11 and I’m ready to leave for church (5 miles away) and may even get there early for a change.

Last thing I do before I leave is be sure I have all vehicle keys.  NOPE, truck keys are missing.  I search for them, the counter, my purse, the pants I wore yesterday when I last had the keys.  Not there.  I wake my husband up, does he know where the keys are?  He feigns innocence but by this time I’m pretty sure he has them somewhere.  He is NOT allowed to drive and yet he wants to badly.  I will NOT leave the house without both sets of keys in my possession because the last time I assumed I misplaced them he had them and went for a joyride.

I keep searching.  His pants, his dresser drawers.  Finally I find them in the drawer that I have NEVER and would NEVER put keys in.  Of course he was hiding them.  He still says he did not do it but of course he did.

By the time I find the keys it is 11:10 and I have missed church.  I sit on my couch instead and pray for patience and kindness and gentleness and love.  I pray for these things to overtake the anger and resentment and frustration.  I better keep praying.


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3 responses to “Just another day in paradise…

  1. norcalmom

    August 12, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    I feel your pain…. They hide them knowing they shouldn’t have thrm, and when I find things my MIL should not have, she claims she had no idea what she is doing. Hiding things gives you a pretty good idea there was forethought into their actions. It makes you angry, yet because their minds are not right, they don’t grasp why you are mad and no lessons are learned. You know you will have the same struggle over and over again. Maybe put the keys in a lock box with a combination lock?

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    • marriedmonster

      August 14, 2015 at 4:01 am

      I asked him where he planned to go with those keys after I left for church. To get donuts he says. Yep he had a plan alright.

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      • norcalmom

        August 14, 2015 at 6:24 am

        Lol. Sounds about right!



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