Today was better…

04 Oct

Small victories, today I had no urine soaked anything to clean up.  Today I did not have to pick my husband up off the floor after yet another fall.  Today we talked a little bit and we cuddled for awhile.  Things are different for sure but laying in each others arms makes things feel a bit more normal and the bad a little easier to face.

Some things are starting to fall into place – We are going to an SCI clinic where he will get 3 days of  assessment and help planning for the future and what that may mean for us.  The wheelchair ramp is ordered and should be here in 3 weeks.  They are also installing a seat similar to this to our truck so I can get him in and out of the truck much easier.

Still so much up in the air but after a series of very bad days it was nice to have one that was not horrible.


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2 responses to “Today was better…

  1. Marilynn

    October 4, 2014 at 8:18 am

    You might already know this but, you should request assistance with his daily needs. I have an aide for 2 hours a day, for six days. This person baths and dresses him. Just that alone is like someone gave me a million bucks. I was assigned a social worker and she was the one who will evaluate him and makes the request for the aide. I think I also get either get resbit for 4 hours twice a month. hope that helps.


  2. marriedmonster

    October 28, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Yes he is still showering and dressing himself, he does not want assistance with those things so not going to push it but yes I know he will get help when we need it. Right now still waiting on the Aid & Attendance Claim to be approved.



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