Status Quo

26 Sep

The status quo has changed around here for sure.  The latest attack that my husband has had really altered his personality.  He is pleasant, laughs at everything (lability) and has not been getting angry at anything.  This is very much out of the normal for him as he tends to be pessimistic and angry a lot.

He also can’t really walk very well, the stubborn part has not left him and he refuses to use the walker 90% of the time.  This means that he frequently falls. Thankfully he has not hurt himself with these falls.  YET.

He is not able to drive.  I made that decision due to his slow reaction times and the number of things he hit and people he nearly ran over the last few times out with his power chair.  His truck keys are very well hidden and I am firm on this.  After a visit with his neurologist on Tuesday the doctor agreed that hiding the keys seemed like a wise choice.  He asks for them occasionally and I have to say no.

He is midway through his second course of steroids, first one was 2 weeks ago.  Only moderate improvement after the first course of steroids, hoping for a bit more dramatic improvement this course, but of course only time will tell.

His neurologist put in a non-formulary request to start my husband on Tecfidera a new oral med for MS, he said that usually takes about a week, so sometime in the next week he should receive his initial supply and we get to try another MS drug.  Hoping for the best here.

In the meantime I continue to work 3-4 evenings a week for 5 hours at a time.  For the first 2 weeks following this attack I had arranged for people to sit with him, to make him dinner to make sure he doesn’t fall and get hurt.  But the available people have dwindled and we did a few trials with him staying home alone.  He was fine.  I made him keep his cell nearby and he was on strict orders to reply to any text messages I sent or I would start calling and then I would come home if still no reply.

So still praying that this is not the new normal but also not really hating how easy going and agreeable he has become.



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2 responses to “Status Quo

  1. Alana Clark

    September 30, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    I understand. I took my husband’s keys away two years ago. He was driving home and was pulled over because the police officer thought he was drunk. He told the officer “Im not drunk I have MS” Then he called me and I spoke with the PO who suggested he not drive anymore. That was that. MS has done a number on his problem solving and visual spatial abilities.

    Its so hard to give them their independence yet want to keep them safe. Any fall can lead to a serious injury, and then all the setback that come with that. Not an easy life. Glad you are getting a reprieve with his attitude. Maybe that will stay, and as the flare up ends his motor skills will improve.
    Here is to always hoping! 😉


    • marriedmonster

      October 1, 2014 at 9:07 pm

      That happened to my husband a few years ago, the police tried to have him walk as straight line. Luckily they believed he was not drunk and the cop suggested he not drive after dark as he said he was having trouble seeing. But these days no driving at all, today he ran straight into a glass door with his motorized wheelchair. Thankful it did not break.



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